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Welcome to Coliving Circle.

What is Coliving?

Coliving (or co-living) is a form of housing where renters share living space and a set of interests or values. If it sounds new or familiar, it's because it's both. Coliving takes old ideas about co-housing and communal living and sets it to today's background for the modern renter.

Flexible Lease Lengths

No more getting trapped into long leases, coliving offers short lease lengths perfect for people traveling for work or just wanting to enjoy a new city.

Fully Furnished

Enjoy beautifully crafted spaces with furniture you won't have to worry about moving or paying for. Most units come equipped with a bed, dresser, bathroom essentials and more.


Pay one inclusive rate for your stay. Setting up the utilities, water, G&S and then cancelling it is a hassle. Most coliving spaces bundle those costs into one flat monthly payment.

More Than Just A Room

What's So Great About Coliving?

"It's like living with 60 friends."

Jade Brandais, 34 Entrepreneur
Treehouse, Hollywood, California

"Living in community obviously takes you out of isolation and being engaged with people who are like minded, who are open and optimistic about who they are and what they want to do."

Kaylen Hayman, 35
Haven, Venice Beach, California

"Coliving means living with amazing people who share your interests without losing your privacy."

Cate Maiolini, 45
Startuphome, London, England


Creatives are flocking to coliving spaces across the vast Los Angeles geography. Perfect for artists, actors, musicians and freelancers, you'll find perks tailored to the LA creative such as recording studios, art spaces, dance studios and photo studios.

The Bay Area is a hub for technology and the many coliving spaces and 'hacker houses' are proof of that. With rents sky-high in the Bay Area, you'll get access to affordable rooms with space to work and program, if that's your thing.

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Coming soon

Coliving is More Affordable than a 1-BR Apartment

You'd think with all the benefits of coliving it would be more expensive than traditional renting, but that's not the case. You can save as much as 47% a month in New York City and 43% in San Francisco.

Price of Coliving Compared to Renting an Apartment

Based on data from RentJungle, RentCafe and our own internal records.

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